p5 Experiment

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The Idea

A museum has several employees and associates in very different functions. Many museums additionally feature very different exhibitions, making the experience and ambience of each visit fundamentally different. I wanted to create a generative logo so each time someone visits the website the logo could slightly change, just like the current exhibition.

Further, the idea was to also not only deliver a finished product or variety of logo assets, but to make a tool that the museum could use to make unique, personalized business cards for each employee. I made a prototype for such a tool using p5.

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The Prototype

The prototype featured 7 different artworks and fonts along with several options. The user could choose an artwork as base, which would be used in the background. The picture was automatically altered to protect potentially copyrighted material and to make it more suitable as a background.

The user could choose different ways and degrees of alteration. The actual logo would then be generated as a layer on top. It would automatically generate a new version every 5 seconds or on the click of a button, varying in the fonts used, letter and box size as well as position.

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The Results

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The Manual

The poster was made to illustrate the exact function of the code and which variables could be changed by the user, ultimately functioning as a manual.

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Augmented Reality Poster

Being aware that this kind of prototype is hard to imagine without actually seeing it, I wanted the poster to be interactive to give a better idea of what the generative logo and business cards could eventually look like.

I used the app artivive to make it possible to scan the poster to see AR content. This way I wanted to incorporate videos to bring the laptop in the poster to life. As my first experience with any kind of AR, I was unsure of how well the app would recognize the poster, in digital and physical form, prints differing in color and with different lighting situations.

I asked different people to download the app and try to see the hidden content without explaining anything.