I participated in a poster competition with the general topic "rules". The underlying question was whether rules are necessary in creative processes, or whether interesting artwork can only be created when breaking them.

Instead of one poster, I entered infinite ones to the competition by making my poster a scanable AR experience. When scanned, my poster starts to generate a new version of itself every few seconds. All those versions feature different colors, fonts and proportions, which are paired randomly.

I had the impression that 90% of the entires argued that good design is a result of a gut feeling, of rebellions going wild, and unrestricted experimenting. I wanted my entry to be a simple reminder that interesting outcomes are rarely randomly created. Even if avoiding clich├ęs and experimenting with new subjects and technologies, what is interesting to the eye still follows basic rules. My algorythm may randomly create a few interesting layouts, of course "even a blind man may perchance hit the mark", but understanding the fundamental rules is what gives the headstart.

Portfolio Item